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Final Phase Digital is a full service digital marketing and creative firm based in Toronto with offices in & Los Angeles. We LOVE crafting digital strategies that deliver consistent RESULTS!

We take a research and metrics based approach to digital marketing. We are not afraid to try new idea's, we just couple creative idea's with effective analytics tracking to ensure our customers can get the best ROI and track Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) that matter for their business and goals.



Yes, we love working with deadlines, it keeps things exciting and ensure we are always producing relevant work.


Hate is a strong word, however when it comes to working within boundaries we are not fans. We use proven strategies that are sometimes out of the box but effective at chisling our way in new or emerging markets for our clients. We are out of the box thinkers.


We love keeping in the loop of whats happening in digital trends and passing that knowledge and experience over to our clients. We keep our clients on the leading edge of digital innovations.


Our favorite word, we not only craft digital strategies with our clients, but we help create automated digital marketing processes to ensure our clients can get consistent ROI with minimum leg work after initial setup and optimization.
"Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell"

- Seth Godin

We are Internet marketing & digital marketing strategy guru's. Our team comes from a diverse professional background which allows to work collaboratively to create truly effective internet marketing strategies that scale for enterprise level clients. A campaign is not complete until we achieve the results we set out get for our clients. We take it personally when we fall short of our predefined objectives.

Being bleeding heart is usually a crux in business, however in digital marketing it gives you to passion to aggressively pursue idea's and objectives your organization believes in. Our team is full of passionate people who truly believe in what they are doing, take things personally when it doesn't go right. We accept personal responsibility for all of our projects, we put this level of enthusiasm into every client. If it doesn't excite us we likely can't deliver the results the client is looking for.

We practice what we preach, it's easy to promise a bunch of fancy services. Final Phase digital employs a lot of the same digital marketing strategies for our own lead generation and client retention efforts. We are growing our network the same time as we help your network grow. We are invested in your growth as it contributes to our growth. Employing WIN-WIN-WIN philosophy is what our founders have preached since our founding in 2007. Our objectives are always long term. Meeting numbers for one quarter is impressive, however long term sustainable growth is always the main focus of any digital marketing campaigns we help craft.



Now that you know a little about us, we would love to get to know you and your organization some more! Contact us today to set up a Free consultation to see how we can help you meet your digital marketing goals!