Why Use WordPress As Your Content Management System 2017

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May 17, 2017
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May 27, 2017

Why Use WordPress As Your Content Management System 2017

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WordPress as your Content Management System 2017



We Will Cover In This Article:

  1. Content Marketing
  2. Website Portal
  3. Community Building
  4. SEO Compatibility
  5. Conversion Tracking
  6. Comparison against other CMS systems
  7. Security




What Is WordPress?



WordPress which was designed for Content creation has taken over as the premier Content Management System of 2017 and beyond. WordPress is an open source software (meaning its free & updated often). It offers versatility for digital marketers, content creators & content managers. It is used by over 73 million websites worldwide and counting.

Why Choose WordPress?

– Easy to upload content without need to wait for IT or digital marketing agency
– Optimized for mobile & tablets (changes website based on screen size)
– Analytical tools & features built into software
– Lower maintenance cost (easier to find designers & developers familiar with the software)








One of the most effective ways of driving qualified traffic to your website is through content marketing. Once your marketing team has created engaging and relevant content for your potential customer base, WordPress offers seamless integration into your website. With all the plugins and tools designed for it Google has shown a preference for content displayed on WordPress websites due to;


  1. Ease of navigation
  2. Searchability
  3. Trustworthiness


There is no CMS on the market currently recognized as more powerful for getting your branded content out on the Internet than WordPress.







WordPress offers many plugins, such as an IMIS plugin which will allow you to seamlessly manage most of your connection requirements. This will allow you to;


  1. Manage your members
  2. Offer payment & scheduling options
  3. Sell merchandise
  4. Manage inventory online
  5. Give members access to restricted areas








With the unique plugins and features available through the WordPress CMS system, your website will have a greater potential to become the HUB for social content and engagement. This is more commonly known as a Marketing Wagon Wheel.

This wheel is started when members begin to share and comment on your content across various social media platforms, emails & your website.




Search Engines rely on content, traffic & relevance to rank websites based on specific keywords. Users then search these keywords in search engines which then generates the most relevant content (based on their own criteria).

WordPress has unique plugins that allow content creators to test the compatibility of their posts for SEO prior to uploading. Which reduces the amount of time it takes to rank on search engines as optimization is done prior to upload.

This unique CMS system also allows you to use an ever expanding pool of content creators.





One of the most important parts of all Digital Marketing campaigns is tracking “conversions”. Which allows you to gauge how effective your campaign is at attracting the results you’re looking for.



  1. A/B split testing to better optimize campaigns
  2. Unique call tracking numbers that can be geo-targeted automatically
  3. Collect demographic information on visitors using Google analytics & plugins



  1. WordPress Vs Other Content Management Systems


There are plenty of Content Management Systems (CMS) available for use. Although we don’t always advise wordpres for all circumstances it is ideal for content creators who aim to educate and inspire their audience.





  • All open source free software
  • All use PHP & MySQL databases
  • All three use themes, plugins




  • Security is more streamlined with WordPress
  • WordPress offers easier setup & management
  • Large global community of developers, designers & content creators
  • More theme options available
  • Easier for non-developers to navigate & change




Security is extremely important for any website, especially for websites that handle sensitive client data. Hackers, spammers & competitors are constantly probing the web for vulnerable websites to hijack.

Every week google blacklists 20,000 websites for malware (viruses), and 50,000 per week for phishing. These sites are primarily ones that have been hijacked from legitimate users.


WordPress being the most popular CMS online is attacked more often than any other platform. As a result developers have designed numerous tools, plugins and techniques to thwart potential hackers.


  1. Monitor connection reports
  2. Backup solutions


There is no such thing as a 100% secure website, however with WordPress you can easily monitor your website for intrusions and act on them quickly.

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